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Rooster after having nose broken.

Rooster was a member of the Bull Queer gang The Sisters who were prison rapists at Shawshank prison.

He was a strong and well built man who acted as their muscle when raping prisoners. After the Sisters took an interest in Andy at dinner, he and Bogs approached him in the shower, but he merely walked away.

Later they attacked and beat him in the laundry room. For the next two years, they continued to target him, and he often had fresh bruises.

In 1949 during a showing of Gilda, The Sisters forced Andy into a projection room to rape him. He retaliated by attacking Rooster with the reel and breaking his nose. Bogs warned Andy to perform oral sex on Rooster as compensation for the nose; after he refused and insulted Bogs' intelligence, Rooster held him down and Bogs beat him almost to death.

However, after Hadley paralysed Bogs for attacking Andy, The Sisters, including Rooster, never attacked Andy again out of fear.

He was portrayed by Gary Lee Davis.