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This page lists the characters in ''[[The Shawshank Redemption]]''.
*[[Andy Dufresne]] - The main protagonist in ''[[Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption]]'' and the 1994 film adaptation ''The Shawshank Redemption''.
*[[Bogs Diamond]] - A member of [[The Sisters]], a bull queer group.
*[[Brooks Hatlen]] - The librarian of the prison starting in 1912 until being granted parole.
*[[Ellis Boyd 'Red' Redding]] - A friend of Andy's and one of the prison smugglers.
*[[Fat Ass]] - An inmate who went into Shawshank at the same time as Andy.
*[[Floyd]] - An inmate who is friends with Red and Andy.
*[[Heywood]] - A long serving inmate who becomes a friend of Andy.
*[[Rooster]] - One of the members of the sisters.
*[[Tommy Williams]] - An inmate who was sent to Shawshank for theft.
*[[Tyrell]] - An inmate who often performs infirmary duty.
*[[Byron Hadley]]
*[[Warden Norton]]
*[[Glenn Quintin]]
*[[Linda Dufresne]]
*[[Rita Hayworth]]
[[Category:List page]]
[[Category:List page]]

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