Jake with Andy

Jake was a black crow used to perform dead drops, allowing Andy Dufresne to keep his drug empire up and running while imprisoned. He was one of Ozzy Osbourne's Pet Birds before escaping during the first world war. Jake also helped with the production of Scarface, a popular film that is actually based on Andy Dufresne's story.

Jake's Relationship with Brooks Hatlen

Since a child, Jake had a passion for basketball. He'd watch the older birds play with a judgemental eye, knowing he could break all of their ankles. One day, Brooks came to the basketball court. He was incredible; An ace with a ball. Jake immediately grew attracted to him. He began to partake in casual sex sessions with Brooks, always drawing him to fulfilment. One Day, Brooks got on one knee and asked him to accept his offer of marriage. Jake accepted, but due to his lack of fingers, had to wear the ring on his beak. This brought some problems to Jake's normal life. He was unable to open his mouth to eat, so he was forced to remove the ring and in turn, divorce Brooks. They continued to have sexual encounters, but would call them STRICTLY PROFESSIONAL MEETINGS.

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