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Glenn Quentin is a secondary character in The Shawshank Redemption..

He was portrayed by Scott Mann.

Character Biography[]

Not much is known about Glenn Quentin other than that he was a professinal golfer and was sleeping with Linda Collins-Dufresne for months before her husband, Andy Dufresne, found out upon realizing that she bought nothing on her shopping trip to Portland, Maine. After Andy found out about the affair, Linda filed for a divorce but he would not grant one. 


After Andy refused to grant the divorce, stating that he would see her in hell before he would see her in Reno, Linda packed her things and left, spending the evening with Glenn. Upset, Andy borrowed a friend's car, swapping his new Plymouth Sedan out for a different car and went out to bars, slowly getting drunk. Andy went home to sleep it off, sarcastically remarking to the bar patrons that they would be able to read about it in the papers tomorrow. Andy parked outside Glenn's house and continued drinking bourbon, loading his Colt Detective Special with .38 caliber bullets. He then got out of the car, the bottle falling and shattering amongst scattered bullets, intending to scare the couple after catching them in the act. However, he was too nervous and drunk to go through with it and drove home to sleep it off, in the process leaving his fingerprints on the broken alcohol bottle and bullets still at the scene along with his footprints and tire tracks. 

While Andy was asleep at home, someone showed up at Glenn's house with the intent of robbing it only to catch the two in the act. To cover his tracks, he wrapped towels around the barrel of the revolver to muffle the noise and shot the two to death eight times, an extra bullet per lover right in the head. Linda was on top of Quentin at the time of her death and the bodies were found by the cleaning lady the following morning, Andy was charged with the murder based on circumstantial evidence although he still maintained his innocence. Andy was sentenced to two back to back life sentences for the murders and sent to Shawshank State Prison.