Ellis Boyd "Red" Redding is a supporting character of Stephen King's The Shawskank Redemption and the narrator of the movie.


A few days ago my baby girl Josh got his new gaming PC. It looks amazing. I have wrote a lot of negative Josh Logs in my lifetime so I thought I might as well fit in a positive one. Josh's gaming PC is a next gen quantum computer from the future. Me and him actually travelled in a Deluxo to the future and managed to steal the technology there. Josh was a young ugly duckling back then and I was the crazy scientist. When we got to the future it was full of chaos. One person called Aladdin Bin Laden had taken over. He was a dictator and had to be taken down. So my baby girl Josh did what any young duck would do and turned into a majestic goose and laid an egg on Aladdin Bin Laden. Aladdin realised that the egg was one of his favourite eggs. A creme egg. Aladdin had done some very despicable deeds with 9 of them. Due to this disgusting behaviour Aladdin had fell in love with his eggs again and died on the spot. Josh had triumphed over the dictator and as a reward the humans gave him a new and improved gaming PC. It was a wonderful journey with Josh. I hope to continue my wonderous adventures with him. Roses are red...Life is fun... I am not obsessed.Presley is a great actor. He started when he was just 3 years old and even wentdofj

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